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What are the project requirements for mezzanine capital matching with Mezzalite?
1. The project must be a real estate project.
2. There must be a mezzanine capital requirement of at least €500,000.
3. Complete and properly prepared project documents must be available.
4. The project must be based on a realistic project costing.

If you need assistance with the preparation of the project documents, please contact us at office@mezzalite.com.
How does capital matching via Mezzalite work for capital seekers?
1. You create your real estate project in your protected area in the Mezzalite web app and upload the key project data and documents.

2. Your project will only be sent to suitable investors on Mezzalite. You create the documents only once, which means you can reach a large number of potential capital providers at the same time.

3. Once the 14-day offer submission period has ended, you will be able to view all the offers you have received. You can then take your time to compare them and choose the best offer for you.

4. After that, you get in touch with the investor and the due diligence is carried out. Once due diligence has been completed with a positive result, there is normally nothing standing in the way of an investment.
Will my project be made available for the general public to view?
No, your real estate project will not be publicly viewable. Your project will only be sent to investors whose investment profile matches your project.
How secure are my project data?
Protecting your data is extremely important to us. We are constantly shocked at how carelessly some intermediaries handle project data or use applications that do not comply with the GDPR. With Mezzalite, your data will be encrypted and managed on servers with the highest security standards, within the EU.
What are the costs for me as a capital seeker?
For a successful referral of your project to a suitable mezzanine capital provider, a commission of 2% of the capital raised will be charged. If no suitable mezzanine capital providers can be found, there will of course be no charge.
What documents do I need to prepare?
1. Key project details
  • Financing requirements in terms of the amount and term, the total investment costs and the equity raised
  • Asset class and location of the project
2. Project teaser
The teaser is a concise project description that provides information about the project and enables investors to get a picture of it. It usually contains all the relevant information about the project, such as location, size, infrastructure, description of the project, etc., as well as pictures of the current situation and visualisations of the plans.

3. Financial plan
In addition to the project costing, information regarding purchase, construction and ancillary costs as well as expected sales prices, the financial plan also includes a presentation of the financing structure and a cash flow plan.

4. Structural description with organigram
The structural description should show the company structure, including shareholders and affiliates. It should clearly show who the project owner is, what its shareholder structure looks like and where financing exists or is to be provided.

5. Optional documents
The following documents are optional. You can upload them if you wish. They are not mandatory for an indicative offer, but they do make it easier for investors to assess the project:
  • Expert opinions and assessments
  • Planning permission
  • Land register extract
  • Testimonials
If you need assistance with the preparation of the project documents, please contact us at office@mezzalite.com.
How can I increase my chances of a successful capital match?
The first and most important step is to make contact with the right investor – Mezzalite takes care of this for you. Well-prepared and complete project documents are the next thing you require, and are also crucial. These should be informative, but not too extensive. The investor must be able to get a good overview of your project quickly.

A realistic project costing is also a key element in the process. A suitable construction cost reserve of 10–15% and realistic sales prices are crucial here.

Project developers with a track record of successfully completing projects have a much easier time gaining the trust of investors.
What is the most common reason for failure to achieve a mezzanine capital match?
Generally speaking, the most common reasons are that capital seekers approach the wrong investors or investors who are not suitable, or that they provide poor-quality documentation or insufficiently informative documentation. Mezzalite solves both of these problems by only matching projects with suitable investors and by requesting complete project documentation from the start.

It is also common for investors to turn down many financing requests because the business plans or costings are not realistic.
Once I have found a suitable investment offer, what happens next?
You will get in touch with the investor directly and then provide them with further documentation so that they can carry out their due diligence. If the result of the due diligence is positive, there is usually nothing standing in the way of an investment.

In the future, it will be possible to carry out due diligence on Mezzalite as well. Mezzalite will provide a secure data room, allowing you and your new business partner to exchange documents directly.
Do you also provide mezzanine capital matching for companies?
No, currently we only provide mezzanine capital matching for real estate projects.

However, if you are looking for mezzanine financing for your company, we would still like for you to get in touch with us. We have an extensive partner network that we can use to help you.

For Investors

What kind of investors is Mezzalite designed for?
The minimum ticket size of the investments is €500,000.

Therefore, unlike crowdinvesting platforms, Mezzalite is exclusively aimed at professional investors. Our investors are typically real estate investors from the private equity sector, family offices or professional, high-net-worth individuals.
How does deal sourcing with Mezzalite work?
1. You create an investment profile. From that point on, you will be able to receive projects – and you will only receive ones that match your profile.

2. You will be automatically notified when a real estate project that matches your profile is looking for capital.

3. Your investment dashboard gives you direct access to the relevant project data and documents. This allows you to carry out an initial assessment of the project quickly.

4. You then submit your indicative investment offer with the basic conditions directly via Mezzalite. If the capital seeker accepts your offer, the next step is due diligence.
What will happen to my investment profile?
Your investment profile will not be publicly viewable. Protecting your data is extremely important to us. We are constantly shocked at how carelessly some intermediaries handle investor profiles or use applications that do not comply with the GDPR. With Mezzalite, your data will be encrypted and managed on servers with the highest security standards, within the EU.
How will I know when there are new projects for me to consider?
Once you have created your investment profile, you will be automatically informed about new, suitable projects by email. Deal sourcing has never been easier!
Can I create several different investment profiles?
This feature is currently in the pipeline. In the near future, it will be possible for investors to create different investment profiles – useful for larger investors or multi-family offices, for example.
Why is there a 14-day deadline for offers?
To ensure that all suitable investors have the opportunity to properly assess the project, while at the same time enabling capital seekers to process the offers they receive quickly, all offers submitted will not be visible to the capital seeker until 14 days after a project has been sent out.
What are the costs for me as an investor?
Using Mezzalite is completely free of charge for investors.
Once my offer has been accepted, what happens next?
You will be informed by email that your offer has been accepted. It will also be shown on your investment dashboard. After that, you contact the capital seeker and handle the due diligence.

In the future, Mezzalite will also provide a secure data room for this purpose, allowing you and your new business partner to exchange documents directly.


What is Mezzalite’s mission?
Mezzanine capital matching needs to be simple, transparent and efficient!

We often hear that finding the right mezzanine capital provider is difficult, especially when it comes to finding the right provider for your specific project.

We have also seen how difficult it can be for investors to find projects that fit their criteria and how much time and effort often has to go into checking the documentation: sometimes the documentation is incomplete, and sometimes you only realise that a project is not suitable after spending a great deal of time and effort on project assessment.

That is why we have made it our mission to create the largest platform for matching mezzanine capital seekers and providers. We only bring together partners who are a good fit, which creates a solid foundation from the start. At the same time, we simplify and standardise the document provision process.
What are the benefits of Mezzalite for capital seekers?
Mezzalite makes it easy to raise mezzanine capital quickly and reliably by digitalising the process.

This digital approach has many advantages over the analogue approach, such as:
  • You only need to enter project information once
  • High level of discretion
  • Access to a wide range of capital providers
  • Offers within 14 days
  • You can compare various offers directly
What are the benefits of Mezzalite for investors?
Mezzalite makes deal sourcing much easier – and it’s free! Setting up your investment profile ensures that only suitable projects are presented to you, and these projects are only activated on the platform after a preliminary check on the completeness and quality of the documents. This brings you a number of great benefits:
  • Documents have undergone a preliminary check by Mezzalite
  • You only receive projects that match your investment profile
  • Documentation is always complete and ready for an initial assessment
  • You can manage your investments easily with a clear overview of everything
  • You continuously receive new projects
What can I expect to see from Mezzalite in the future?
We start by bringing together capital seekers and investors in a quick and straightforward way. But that’s just the beginning. The potential of digital mezzanine capital matching is enormous. The matching itself is only the first step. That is why we are already working on the following new features, among others:

Better project management
With OCR technology, automated reading of existing documents through machine learning, and standardised templates, we make it much easier for those seeking capital to create informative project documents.

Faster project assessment
In the future, investors will be able to assess projects more quickly and make more informed investment decisions by leveraging various data sources and artificial intelligence.

A completely digital process
Eventually, it will be possible to carry out due diligence digitally and with ease, plus you will be able to monitor projects continuously. This will allow both real estate entrepreneurs and investors to keep the full picture of the mezzanine capital they have invested in view.

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