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Upload a project

Enter the key details of your project and upload all relevant project documents to a protected data room with just a few clicks.

Find the right Investors

Your project will be shown to all suitable investors automatically. You create the documents only once, which means you can reach a large number of potential capital providers at the same time.

Compare offers

Within 14 days, you will receive financing offers from interested investors after they have carried out an initial review of the documents. You can compare the offers and choose the one that is the best fit for your project.

Secure Financing

Once you have selected an offer, the investor will carry out due diligence on your project. After that, nothing stands in the way of successful financing.
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Find Investors quickly.
Manage Financing easily.

Your well-organised dashboard ensures that you have an overview of your projects and mezzanine financing at all times.

Less Work

You only have to upload your project documents once. After uploading, you can contact all suitable investors at the touch of a button.

Compare offers directly

You will always have the whole picture in view. You will be able to compare offers individually and choose the best one for you.

Keep Investores informed

Upload updates, documents and milestones achieved. Both sides enjoy transparency with regard to the success of the project.

Secure Data Room

Your data will be encrypted and managed on servers with the highest security standards, within the EU.
What is required

What are the Factors required for success?

There are just a few key criteria for achieving a successful capital match with Mezzalite:
Real Estate Project
You are looking for mezzanine financing for a real estate project – this can be an existing property or a development project. We do not provide a financing matching service for companies, only real estate projects.
Starting from €500,000
The mezzanine capital requirement of your project must be at least half a million euros.
Complete Documentation
Comprehensive and informative project documents allow investors to assess your project quickly.
Realistic business plans and clear exit strategies are crucial from an investor’s point of view.

How you benefit

Mezzalite makes it its business to check that every investor is reputable and serious about investing before activating their account. Your documents will only be made available to investors with a suitable investment profile.
Save time and money
Our efficient, digital matchmaking service saves you valuable time, and because you can easily compare offers, you can also save on financing costs.
Every investor on Mezzalite is bound by a confidentiality agreement. Your project documents will be treated confidentially and will be protected from competitors.
Mezzalite is 100% independent and impartial. Our mission is to bring exciting real estate projects and serious investors together on a level playing field.


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You may have some questions about mezzanine capital and about how we match projects with investors, especially in the digital sector. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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